Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Why do I need a CAPA 8D process?

CAPA systems drive forward improvement

A robust CAPA process will eliminate the causes of nonconformities, process variation, excessive costs and drive forward improvement activities. CAPA focuses on the systematic investigation and improvement of the root cause of problems to prevent their recurrence.

CAPA is required to achieve compliance

The use of CAPA is generally considered good business practice, its implementation is a basic requirement of most QMS business standards including ISO. Without a defined CAPA process it can be difficult to manage and measure process improvement.

Issues are managed and fixed

CAP Actions are implemented in response to customer complaints, product non-conformance, audit actions or observations made by an organizations staff.

You will be more competitive

CAPA is part of the overall quality management system (QMS), it provides a closed loop mechanism to keep organizations evolving and improving. An effective CAPA system will improve any organization by driving forward systematic process optimization.

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