Monday, 22 July 2013

Corrective Action Software

The best 8D corrective action software: CAPA Manager 

Cost effective improvement software for your team and supply chain

Powerful features:

CAPA Manager allows your team to easily log all types of issues, assign responsibility and track CAPA status. Simple workflows allow your team to drive improvement activities forward to solve important issues and reduce costs.

Easy navigation with CAPA explorer

Quickly locate and review all actions with the simple CAPA explorer page.

Filters and navigation

Advanced search features make finding CAPA assignments easy. Use labels to quickly group CAPA assignments.

Powerful reports

Instantly create detailed 8D or CAR reports. Print as PDF for your internal and external customers. Plot graphs and understand improvement growth in your organization.

Color coded status tabs

Corrective action tasks are color coded for easy reporting. Each CAPA action automatically updates its status color for optimum efficiency.

Secure controlled access

By using a password protected database CAPA Manager allows you to control team access easily.

Data Export to Excel

The database can be exported for specific analysis using tools like MINITAB or MS excel.

Link suppliers

Link up supplier accounts to enable cross-organization problem-solving. Manage supply chain Quality using this powerful system.

Global Translator

CAPA manager comes with a built in translator to enable easy cross country communication.

Premium Support

CAPA Manager is designed to be as easy to use as possible, but help is always available if it is ever needed.

Auto notifications

Updates and notifications are handled automatically by the system.

Customize fields

Data fields can be customized by renaming them or adding new custom fields.

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